Free Boiler Scheme – What Is Included With The Grant?

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Free Boiler Scheme

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Free Boiler Scheme - What Is Included

Free Heating Scheme To Improve Your Home Energy Efficiency Rating !

We Reveal What Is Included With The Free Boiler Scheme 

The Grant Is Worth Over £5000 When All The Goodies Are Added Up !

Free Boiler Scheme 2024 - Much Improved

The Free Boiler Scheme For 2024 is the best yet and lots Of Freebies Are Included.

Indeed when you add up all the extra measures that have been added this year , the grant is well worth over £5000!

Free Boiler Scheme - What Is Included

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Free Boiler Scheme - What Is Included Index

Introducing Your Free Boiler - Worcester & Ideal

Depending on which installer you are allocated, you will have installed either a Worcester Bosch Combi boiler  OR an Ideal Boiler.
All fitting costs , materials etc will be 100% FREE.
Both boilers are 30KW and are large enough to serve the average 3 bedroom house.
Both boilers are  Government Approved and have been the preffered boilers to be fitted on the Free Boiler Scheme due to their reliability .

Worcester & Ideal Boilers.

These boilers have been The WHICH boilers of the year for a few years  and are excellent. I personally have a Worcester Bosch fitted at my home and have had no problems in 6 years.
See  Worcester boiler  review at WHICH BOILER REVIEW 

Ideal Logic Boilers  are another great workhouse boiler that has been fitted on the Free Boiler Scheme for many years.
Very easy to use and maintain and will last for many years.

Free Loft & Cavity Wall Insulation

Insulation Is Mandatory!

Insulation Is Not Optional!

You will not get a free boiler without having your home insulated first. This is a government requirement that every home is insulated up to current regs.

Insulation is usually carried out first to stop any crafty people having the boiler fitted and then become uncontactable to have the insulation fitted. This has happened in the past and the installer has lost out on full funding

How Does The Insulation Work?

Loft Insulation –  Insulation is fitted on the loft floor to slow down the (rising ) heat from below entering into the loft space and so being wasted.

The insulation acts as a barrier and will keep the heat in your bedroom for a lot longer.

Good idea to insulate your living room ceiling too for this reason.

Wall Insulation  – Insulation is added to your cavity walls again to act as a barrier to heat loss.

How Is Loft Insulation Fitted?

Your loft floor will have rolls of Rockwool Insulation rolled out to cover the entire floorspace of your loft.

The total finished depth of insulation will be 270-300mm which is the government recommended level.

The eaves  ( where the roof meets the floor) will have a gap at both ends to allow for cross ventilation.

Visit Energy Saving Trust For More On Loft Insulation

How Is Cavity Wall Insulation Fitted?

 Your walls are drilled and the inner cavity has bead or other insulating material pumped into it creating an extra barrier to heat loss for your walls.

Visit Which For More Reading On Wall Insulation

What Warranty Is Included With The Free Boiler

All boilers that are fitted as part of the Free Boiler Grant Scheme come with a 2 Year parts & Labour Warranty.

In some cases, you will get a 5 year warranty but you need to confirm this with your installer.

If you wish to extend your warranty, you can pay a small fee to extend your warranty  to 5 or even 10 years.

Ask your Eco Installers for details or you can take out a private warranty with DOMESTIC & GENERAL

Extending your boiler warranty for 10 years is a brilliant investment in my opinion as boilers do breakdown and we cant live without them!

Brand New Wireless Thermostat & Programmer.

State of the art Wi Fi Thermostat & Programmers are included in the grant

Wireless boiler thermostats detect the temperature in your home and turn your heating systems on or off to keep your average temperature at its set level.

Programmers can be set to turn the heating on and off to your requirements.

Read More about boiler Controls From Which Magazine

Free Ventilation Package

To protect your home against mould the Government has introduced a mandatory ventilation requirement for every heating & insulation grant awarded.

You  cannot opt out of this and you will not get a grant without ventilation being installed.

More on the benefits of ventilation and how it protects against mould can be found on Environment .com

What Ventilation Measures Are Installed On The Grant?

  • Extractor Fans For Kitchen & Bathroom
  • Trickle Vents On All Your Windows
  • 10 mm under door cuts.

Danfoss Thermostatic Valves For All Your Radiators.

All your radiator valves will be upgraded to Thermostatic ones ( if not already fitted )

These thermostatic radiator  valves have inbuilt sensors which shut off the radiator when it reaches  the preset temperature.

This will save you money on your energy bill by not producing unnecesary heat.

Read more on TRVs and how they work here

Expert Fitting By Government Approved & Registered Installers 

All installers that are working on the Government Grant Scheme will be approved and PAS registered.

They will have been vetted in order to be granted access to Government funding.

Warm Front only used tried and tested installers to ensure our clients will get a first class job.

How To Get A Free Boiler

If you are interested in a Free Boiler , please take a short survey below to apply.

All Eligible Applicants will be contacted within 24 hours. 

All data supplied is respected in line with our privacy policy

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