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Back Boiler Replacement – Have A Free Combi Instead

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Back Boiler Replacement – Have A Free Combi Instead


Back Boiler Replacement

Back Boiler Replacement

Do you have an old Back Boiler behind the fire that is heating your home? Do you want to replace it for a newer model.?

There are now grants available to remove your back boiler  free of charge and replace it with a combi boiler on the wall.

This will be a much better option for you than having a backboiler replacement and if you are on a low income, you can get it for free!

This  Free Back Boiler Grant scheme is  for home owners only.



Why Is A Back Boiler Removal / Conversion To Combi For Free ?

The UK Government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme (ECO) was introduced to help vulnerable homeowners and tenants across England, Scotland and Wales with the reduction of their energy bills.

Back Boiler Removal Grants Have Recently Been Introduced As Back Boilers Are Very InEfficient.

Replacing Them With A Combi Boiler Will Help Households To Reduce Their Heating Bills By Up To 30 % Per Year

To learn more about the Eco  Scheme, please visit the GOV WEBSITE



What Is Included With The Back Boiler Grant 2022 ?

Included In This Grant As Standard *

  1. Free Fitting
  2. 2 Years Full Parts & Labour Warranty
  3. Wireless Programmer & Thermostat
  4. Free Home Insulation Check


Is The Heating Grant For Back Boiler Replacement Totally Free ?


As Back boilers are very inefficient and the government wish to do away with back boilers altogether, THEY ARE GIVING GRANTS FOR A FREE CONVERSION TO COMBI!

Removing /Decommissioning  a back boiler and replacing it with a combi boiler will save occupants up to £400 per yr in running costs.



Are Old Back Boilers Removed Completely With The Grant Scheme.

In most cases the back boiler will  be removed but this will depend on which installer you are allocated.

This is due to funding requirements per property type.

The fire will always be removed or gas supply removed to it for safety reasons.


Back Boiler Replacement Cost

Replacing your old back boiler with a combi boiler is likely to be an expensive job, estimated at anything from £3000 onwards.

Although this may seem to be a costly expense, you should bear in mind that there are potential savings to be made with a new and energy-efficient combi boiler.

Not to mention the quality of heating and hot water that combi systems provide.


Grant Back Boiler Removal Process

It’s likely that a back boiler removal will take quite a bit of work as it is positioned behind your fireplace. Typically, the process will include:

  • Removing the fireplace
  • Removing the back boiler system
  • Reconstruction of the mantle space
  • Installation of the combi boiler system in an alternative location
  • New pipework installed to fit with new combi boiler
  • Work to be done on the flue system to suit the combi boiler (the back boiler would have used the chimney).

How Long Does A Back Boiler Conversion Take?

Back boilers are often the most difficult system upgrades to install.

Given their location (behind your gas fire), they aren’t easy to remove and the removal is often quite a difficult job and usually quite expensive. It can be quite a messy job as it can involve the removal of the fireplace and the area around the fire to be able to remove it.

In some cases, the back boiler can be decommissioned and left where it is so the disruption is minimised.


What happens when you remove a back boiler?

The back boiler, it’s flue and gas fire – all will be removed unless you want to keep the back boiler fireplace.

Removing the gas fireplace and replacing it with an electric fire could cost you more in the short term but less in the long term.

This is Quite a messy job and  is normal while removing a back boiler.


Back Boiler Vs Combi -Which Is Best?

A condensing boiler has a large heat exchanger which recovers more heat than a older back boiler, sending cooler gases up the flue enhancing efficiency.

UK government and European Union regulations state that a minimum of 86% boiler efficiency rating must be achieved with all new boilers.  With the introduction of ERP ratings, back boilers are no longer fitted to homes. Back boilers due to their inefficiency produce more harmful toxins than condensing boilers and are more expensive to run.

By replacing an old inefficient back boiler with a new condensing boiler,

  • your fuel bills will be greatly reduced.
  •  A combi boiler will heat your home and provide instantaneous hot water.
  • No hot water cylinder, or storage tanks to save on space.
  • Installation costs for combi boilers are relatively low compared to installing a condensing back boiler.


How Long Do Back Boilers Last

Back boilers usually last for around 25 years, so if yours is on its last legs you should bite the bullet and have it replaced with a combi.

The chances are that it has had a good innings and needs to go to the back boiler heaven in the sky


Are There  Back Boiler Grants For Tenants

No. Your landlord needs to provide you with a working boiler.


Warm Front Boiler Grant Scheme.

WarmFront Boiler Grants have been very well received  with the general public  and well  over 1 million new boilers have now been installed .

The Heating Grant Scheme Has Been Extended Now To Cover Back Boilers too Which Were Excluded From Previous Schemes Due To Expense.

There Is Also A Scheme To Replace Non Condensing Boiler Too.   These Are Boilers Over 17 Years Old

You can apply for both free boilers on this page.


Can Landlords Apply For a Grant Backboiler

 No.  Boilers & Storage Heaters are now excluded for the private rented sector .

Only insulation & renewable heating can be claimed by landlords.

See Our Landlords Page For a full list of grants available to the private rented sector.


How To Remove a Back Boiler

We recommend you do not do this yourself and employ the services of a Gas safe Registered Engineer.

Have two to three empty buckets to hand as dirty water coming out of the boiler can damage your flooring and carpets

  1. Remove carpets and all the unnecessary things from the room.
  2.  Dust and pieces of brick will be flying around and it would be best to protect your furniture.
  3. You can place old rugs over the floor to prevent scratching.
  4. Have one spare bucket to collect pipework waste in.
  5. Engineers will have to uproot the pipework and there will be a lot of dirty water and limescale present.

Are Back Boilers Still Legal?

Conventional Back Boilers Can Still Be Fitted Legally.

Building Regulations do still allow for conventional back-boilers (ie gas fires with boilers, fitted in fireplaces) to be replaced like-for-like in situations where it would be difficult to fit a new condensing boiler against an outside wall.

Are Back Boiler Removal Grants For Over 60s & Pensioners Available ?

Over  60s in receipt of means tested benefits can apply.

Pensioners in receipt of Pension Credit Guarantee eligible too.

Can I Apply For A Heating Grant If my boiler is faulty?

Only back boilers and non condensing boilers over 17 years old are now eligible for this grant.

If your boiler does not meet the above criteria, you will have to bite the bullet and pay yourself for a new boiler.

Tax payers money is not available to all and sundry sorry.

How Much Is The Grant For A Back Boiler Worth ?

A back boiler conversion usually costs between £3000 – £4000 dependng on what work is required.

If you already have a central heating system installed and have decided to have  your old back boiler removed from behind the fire, a removal is likely to cost you around £1000 as it is a big job.

This will include removal of the boiler tank etc  and capping pipework.


How much does it cost to replace a gas back boiler?

To replace and remove a gas back boiler is not cheap or cost effective. The construction work and back boiler replacement can cost around £3,000 to £4,500.

The back boiler grant does not cover the cost replace a back boiler


When Does the Heating Grant end?

The Scheme is on until 2026 but the grant can be pulled at any time if targets have been met.

Apply today to be sure of getting a new boiler for free.

How To Apply For A Free Backboiler Grant




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