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Central Heating Grants For Over 60s

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Central Heating Grants For Over 60s

Central Heating Grants

Central Heating Grants

Central Heating Grants For Over 60s have been brought in by the  Uk government as they  recognise that many pensioners and over 60s are worrying about how they are going to afford to heat their home this winter since the recent gas and electric price rises last month.

This  new Government-backed scheme to provide a Free Central Heating System to all pensioners that meet the criteria has been very successful and well over 20 thousand homes have benefitted.

 It is only targeted at pensioners who have never had gas central heating in their home, and are using electric heaters or solid fuel to heat their home.


100% Free

100% Free

Free Central Heating For Over 60s  – Is There A Catch?

There is no catch.
This scheme will pay all of the cost for a brand new central heating system to be installed for most properties except for small flats where a contribution will be applicable as the grant awarded is usually smaller.
The grant is worth around £4000.
The Grant is non repayable and you will not be asked to repay in the future.
There are currently Free Central heating Grants available for pensioners until March 2026.
If eligible, you can have a brand new central heating system fitted to include radiators and all controls fitted 100% FREE.

Why A  Government Free Central Heating Scheme?

This scheme has been brought especially to allevite fuel poverty in the Uk and to move people from other expensive forms of heating such as electric heaters, electric storage heaters which are massively expensive to run.

This is part of the government  strategy to address fuel poverty by proving free grants to upgrade heating & insulation.

Free Central Heating Grants have been especially to help pensioners who are likely to struggle to heat their home and who may be operating old expensive electric heating systems that they cannot afford to replace.

This fantastic Fuel Poverty scheme has proved to be a godsend for many aging households and over 10 thousand Free First Time Central Heating Grants have now been claimed since April 2018

Is The Scheme Available To Exchange Central Heating Boiler

Free Boiler 3

Free Boiler 3

The scheme aims to help pensioners who live in homes that have never had a gas central heating system installed before.

If you have a boiler fitted you will not be eligible for first time central heating.

You can however apply for a free boiler if you have a back boiler fitted or your existing boiler is over  17 years old.


What would I get with a Free Central Heating Grant?

A Free Central Heating Grant for pensioners includes:

  • A new boiler
  • Up To  8 radiators
  • All  pipework
  • New wireless heating controls

100% Free

Who Is Eligible For Free Central Heating ?

    To qualify for Government Help with Central Heating  you must be a pensioner and meet the following criteria:

  1. You must own the property and have bills, insurance, and other accounts registered at that address.
  • No gas boiler currently fitted
  • Be UK private tenant / Landlord with a tenant on benefits
  • In receipt of a qualifying benefit
  1. There cannot be any prior history of Central Heating installation at that address.
  2. You can also apply under the ECO and LA FLEX rules from your local council.

What Benefits Qualify for Free Central Heating ?

The Free Central Heating Grant is available to pensioners who currently receive one of the qualifying benefits as below.
(You will also be eligible to apply if you have someone living with you permanently is claiming too.)

What Happens Once I Have Applied For Free Central Heating?

   If you believed to be eligible for the grant, we will forward your application to a government approved installer that has funding to fit the grant and they will then assume full responsibility for surveys and installs. The procedure for eligible applicants usually is :

  • Your eligibility is checked with DWP
  • A 30 minute Home Survey Is carried Out
  • Your heating is installed

How much will a new central heating system save me?

Replacing electric heating and installing new central heating potentially is going to save you hundreds of pounds each year.

You could reduce your heating bills by as much as £300 annually.


Do You Qualify For Free Insulation?

free cavity wall insulation

free cavity wall insulation

Apply Now If:

  • Homeowner/tenant
  • In receipt of benefits
  • Struggling to heat your home
  • Currently without home insulation

The Uk government recognise that many pensioners are worrying about how they are going to afford to heat their home this winter since the recent gas and electric price rises last month.


Can I Apply For Central Heating If I Have A Boiler Fitted?

No, you have to apply for the boiler replacement / boiler scrappage scheme as this grant is specifically for people without a central heating system in place.

The Free boiler scheme is no longer free for most applicants ( unless you can have your floor insulated) so you will need to pay a contribution between £499- £999 for a straight swap.


100% Free



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