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Free Boiler Manuals & New Boiler Grants [2022]

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Free Boiler Manuals & New Boiler Grants [2022]

Free Boiler Manuals

There are a number of websites that will allow you to download boiler manuals for free.

2 of the best sites are below.

You can download your  free boiler manuals here

Gas 101 Free Gas boiler Manuals


Worcester Bosch

After you have downloaded the manual double click on the …


Listed below are all the manuals for Ideal. Just click on the model …


After you have downloaded the manual double click on the …


Listed below are all the manuals for Baxi. Just click on the model …


New Boiler Grants – A Beginners Guide 2022 With FAQs


Under the Governments New ECO 4 Scheme for 2022, there are new grants to replace gas boilers FREE OF CHARGE!.

Qualifying home owners can apply to have their 17 year old in-efficient boilers and Baxi Bermuda back boilers  replaced for a brand new condensing one.

This Is No Drill !


New Boiler Grant – Can We Help You ?

Warm Front Uk has over 10 years’ experience helping applicants with their journey to securing a new boiler on these government schemes.

I believe I have personally have arranged over 8 thousand successful boiler installations since the free boiler scheme started in 2013.

If you qualify I will do my best to get you a free boiler within 4 weeks of application.


Why Apply For A Grant ?

✅ There Is No Catch – We Guarantee it !

✅  If Your Application Is Accepted  Your Grant Is 100% FREE

✅ You Will Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To £300 Per Year

✅   You Will Add Lots Of Value To Your Home

✅ The Scheme Has Limited Funding


Who Qualifies For The New Boiler Grant ?

The eligibility has changed for the Government Free Boiler Scheme for 2022

To qualify you have to meet all of the following conditions :

  • You are A HomeOwner or live with the home owner
  • You receive a qualifying benefit
  • Your Boiler is non condensing ( over 17 years old without a plastic pipe leading to outside ) OR
  • You have a BACKBOILER fitted behind the fire
  • Your Home Is Epc Rated  E -F -G

Which Benefits Qualify For The Free New Boiler Grant ?


  • Child Benefit *
  • Child Tax Credit
  • Employment & Support Allowance
  • Housing Benefit
  • Income Support
  • Job Seekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit – Guarantee
  • Pension Credit – Savings
  • Universal Credit
  • Working Tax Credit

Which Installers Fit Free Boilers On The Scheme.

There are many government approved installers that operate on the Free Boiler Scheme.

They will all have been vetted by the government regulators and have to pass many modules in order to get access to government funding.

Naturally they will be gas safe registered too.


Is There Free Boiler Replacement For Pensioners

Pensioners are eligible for the free boiler replacement scheme if they receive Pension Credit .

Both Guarantee Credit & Saving Credit are now eligible for the boiler scheme now.

Only these 2 benefits are accepted for over 60s and pensioners.


What Warranty Do You Get With The Free Boiler Scheme ?

You will get a free 2 year parts and labour warranty if you are lucky enough to qualify for the free boiler grant.

You can opt to extend this warranty to 5 years for an extra payment usually around £150.



Can Landlords Apply For The Government Boiler  Replacement Scheme ?

Private tenants and landlords are not eligible to apply for the new boiler grant scheme.

The private rented sector can still apply for Free insulation and free first time central heating.

Are  There Any Grants For LPG & OIL Fired Boilers 2022?

Unfortunately there are no grants to replace Oil & LPG boilers. The Free scheme for both boilers ended in 2017 and up to 40000 boilers were exchanged.

We do not anticipate their reintroduction due to the governments policy on fossil fuel heating in which all gas , oil  and lpg heating will be phased out over the next 10 years or so.

Can I Get A Grant For New Radiators?



First time central heating grants do pay  for the installation of a new heating system including radiators.

Why is the  Government Boiler Scheme Free?

The UK Government is attempting to  help people on low income benefits with the worst efficient heating to reduce their heating bills.

Non condensing boilers and backboilers are the most expensive forms of heating and so the funding is targeted at those boilers only.


What Is A  Non Condensing Boiler?

A non condensing boiler is an old type boiler usually fitted before  2005 that does not have a white plastic pipe leading to an outside drain.

It can be wall hung or be a backboiler behind the fire.

These old boilers are usually only  around 70 % efficient which is why the Government is providing grant funding to exchange them.


My Boiler Is 5 Years Old – Can I Get a Free Boiler?


Unfortunately, time has now run out for people with perfectly working boilers to be exchanged simply because they are free.

The government will now only replace boilers over 15 year of age and more and rightly so.

Enough perfect boilers have been scrapped over the years due to government not thinking the scheme out properly and realising that many people would take advantage of the grant.


Do You Have To Pay Towards A New Boiler Grant ?

No. We anticipate that no one will need to pay a contribution towards their boiler.

However funding for the scheme has not been finalised yet and we are hoping that all property types including flats and other small ones will be eligible for 100% funding.

Watch this space.



Are These New Boiler Grants  A Con ?

No.  If you want more about the Government Free Boiler Scheme

please visit the GOV.UK website.

There is plenty of information about Free boilers and free insulation to put your mind at rest

What You Need to Know About New Boiler Grants

A large percentage of homes in the UK have a central heating boiler as their primary heating source.

There are many people in the UK  who have no idea of when they should replace their boiler, or realise  how a replacement can lead to better efficiency on your heating bills.

Indeed a boiler over 15 years old can waste as much as 20% of the heat generated and upgrading to a new boiler will save you over £200 per yr in running costs.

The good news is that many people on a low income  can get a free boiler replacement via the Boiler Replacement grant 2022.

These grants can help property owners overcome the £2000 or so needed to replace the boiler.

This article will go over what you need to do to qualify, how it works, and what you can expect if you are approved for a Boiler Replacement grant.


More About the Free Boiler Replacement Grant 2022

The Free Boiler Replacement Grant, also called the Eco Boiler Scheme, was launched in early 2013 in an effort to reduce the UK’s energy consumption and give grants to low-income households to help improve their home’s energy efficiency.

People who met the criteria were given a new boiler for 100% free and this included fitting too.

Over 1 million free boilers have been fitted in the UK as part of the Free Boiler Scheme and the scheme is set to continue for another 4 years. This is in spite of the rumoured gas boiler ban which will be live in 2030 where no gas boilers will be allowed to be fitted to any UK homes.

Gas boilers have already been banned from all new builds and any fitted will not ne signed off by building control.


Government Free Boiler Scheme –  Who pays ?

You do .

Built in to everybody’s  fuel bills is a small percentage of money  ( Green Tax ) which is used to pay for energy saving measures for the UK.

Only those on low incomes can currently access this funding though in spite of every one having to fund it indirectly.


How Much Do New Boilers Cost

This depends on the type of  boiler installation you need.

A typical combi boiler swap or regular/system boiler should cost no more than £1,800-£2,500.

A Back boiler conversion can be around £3,000.


What  Boilers Are Fitted On The New Boiler Grant Scheme

Usually Ideal Boilers are fitted on these schemes

Other makes such as Worcester and Vaillant are available at extra cost.


Can I Choose the Make Of  My Free Boiler ?

No.  If you are looking for a particular boiler we recommend you pay for it privately.

Do not look the gift horse in the mouth.



Is the £400 Boiler Scrappage Scheme Still Available?

This scheme is now no longer available.

The boiler scrappage scheme was a scheme open to all home owners and private rented  (not on benefits ) to give  cashback for replacing their old, in-efficient boilers.

The cashback was £400 and was very popular.


What Is The New Boiler Upgrade Scheme

This is a new scheme open to all of the UK that will give you a £5000 grant towards replacing your boiler for a new heat pump.

You will need to pay the balance anticipated to be around £2500

It is not benefits orientated and anyone can apply.

This scheme will be massively popular and starts on July 1 2022

Need To Replace Your Back boiler?

We recommend you :

  1. See if you are eligible for a free government grant to replace it with a combi boiler.
  2. Replace with a new Baxi Bermuda back boiler SEDBUK efficiency rating of ‘A’
  3. Remove the back boiler and replace with a modern combi boiler privately.
  4. This will mean that  you will need to have your fireplace and mantle rebuilt and potentially a section of your floor altered, too.

How Much To Replace a Back Boiler

You can expect to pay within the region of £3500 – £500 if you choose to replace your back boiler with a combi boiler system.

This price usually includes removing the old back boiler and surrounding fireplace and mantle and making good .

Are there Back Boiler Removal Grants


Back Boiler Removal Grant

Back Boiler Removal Grant

There are new Back Boiler Removal Grants for 2022

This new grant from the Government is part of the free boiler scheme to upgrade old back boilers to a brand new combi boiler completely free of charge.

This Back Boiler Removal Grant is valued at over £3000 and is exclusively for home owners who are on low income benefits.

If you qualify for the scheme your old back boiler behind the fire will be decommissioned and a combi boiler will be installed in your kitchen or bathroom to take over your heating and  hot water requirements.


Are There Any Back Boiler Replacement Grants ?

No.  There are no grants available to replace back boilers on a like for like basis.

This is because the government wish to move everybody onto the most efficient ways to heat your home and backboilers are not very efficient at all.

The move is to replace a back boiler with a combi gas heated boiler or to upgrade them to renewable heating such as  Heat Pumps etc

Back Boiler replacement is unlikely to be covered with a grant in the future in our opinion.

Do take advantage of this fantastic Back Boiler Removal Grant which has very limited funding and may end within the next 2 months.


Will There Be Any Free LPG Boilers Grants In The Future?

There will not be any Free LPG Boilers grants  on the new Grants For Park Homes Scheme or in the future , we believe.

We do not anticipate any grants forthcoming in the future for LPG Or Oil heating due to the government move away from fossil fuel heating.

The last free boiler  scheme  for oil and LPG boilers  ended in 2018 with over 100,000 boilers being exchanged for free as part of the government Boiler Scrappage scheme.

Only non condensing gas boilers and gas back boilers  will be eligible for this grant.

Non Condensing  are boilers which are around 17 years old or older.


Heating With LPG – Very Expensive

As you will be aware, LPG heating is one of the most expensive forms of heating

LPG heating is is a lot more expensive than mains gas, but it’s a cheaper  option to installing electric heating if you are in an off gas area.
LPG boiler running costs are around 10.7p per kilowatt-hour, which means you’re looking at around £2.25  to run a 24 kW LPG combi boiler for an hour.
There are other costs too for renting tanks to hold the fuel.


Will LPG boilers be banned?

The government plans to phase-out high-carbon fossil fuel heating, including LPG, in off-gas-grid homes during the 2020s.

This will force consumers to switch to alternative and greener options. This is why we believe there will not be any free LPG boilers in the future.

So when you need to replace your LPG central heating, you’ll need to consider renewable heating sources or electric as LPG boilers will no longer be on sale.


What Alternatives To LPG Heating Are Available?

Lower carbon options to replace LPG Heating are:

  • Ground source heat pump air source heat pumps,
  • Air source heat pumps
  • Solar water heating
  • Biomass boilers
  • Electric Heating


How efficient is an old oil boiler?

An efficient boiler makes a big difference.

If your boiler is more than ten or fifteen years old it may be worth replacing it with a modern condensing boiler.

These boilers can have efficiencies of around 95% while older boilers are typically 60–70% efficient.


Are LPG & Oil  Boilers Being Banned in The UK?

Yes, as part of the UK government’s efforts to reach net zero carbon emissions they have announced a ban for all oil and LPG and gas boilers being fitted in new homes  in the UK by 2025.

Alternate forms of heating such as Air Source Heat Pumps, Solar PV will be favoured from this date.

See here

What is an LPG boiler and how does it work?

LPG boilers work very much the same as a gas boiler except that for the fuel source.
LPG boilers use liquid petroleum gas which is stored in an external storage tank or bottles to heat water in the central heating system.
They produce hot water which can be used to provide heating or hot water for your taps.
They are commonly found in off gas areas with park homes being a particular favourite.


Are Oil Boilers Efficient?

Oil is a more efficient fuel than gas or LPG

This is because oil boilers use nearly all of the heat and additional gas that’s created from the burning of fuel, turning this into extra heating energy so there’s less wastage.

This means you’ll get a good return on every unit of energy.



Oil Vs Gas Boilers – Which Is best?

An oil boiler should reach the same efficiency as a gas boiler.

According to building regulations, oil boilers must have an energy rating of at least 86 per cent, or A+.

A condensing oil fired boiler will usually have an efficiency of 90 per cent or higher.


What Is The Difference Between Gas And Oil Boilers?

The main difference between a gas and an oil boiler is the way the appliances store their fuel.

An oil boiler requires a tank to store the oil until it is needed, whereas a gas boiler doesn’t need to store gas because it is connected to the mains.

Oil boilers are very commonly found in rural areas and where there is no gas main.


Oil Tank Regs

The base of the tank must be strong enough to support the weight of the tank and its contents.

The tank must sit on solid ground, either concrete or paving slabs that are at least 42mm thick and that extend out at least 300mm beyond the perimeter of the tank.

If the tank is located quite close to your house, a fire wall must be positioned between the tank and your home.


The Cost of  LPG Tank Rental

There are 2 options for fuel tanks.
 You’ll have to pay a yearly charge of around £65 if your tank is above ground.   £130 if it’s underground.

LPG Central Heating

Around two hundred thousand homes which aren’t on the gas grid have to use LPG for heating. his is a very expensive way to heat your home.

LPG can fuel gas household appliances, including gas central heating and gas cookers.

The main difference between mains gas and LPG is that LPG is delivered by road and stored in a tank (rather than piped to your home).

You might have solely LPG central heating or use it as a back-up source if you have renewable heating or generate electricity from solar panels.

 How does LPG central heating work?

LPG central heating is usually a ‘wet’ heating system, where an LPG-fired boiler heats water.

This then provides central heating through radiators and hot water to your taps.

Some boilers designed for mains gas can be converted to use LPG.

You’ll need to store LPG in a tank outside your home and arrange for it to be delivered by tanker. Alternatively you can use bottles which are mega expensive.


Top 9  Warm Front Grants – Heating & Insulation



Why Apply For A Warm Front Grant ?

✅ There Is No Catch – We Guarantee it !

✅  If Your Application Is Accepted  Your Grant Is 100% FREE

✅ You Will Reduce Your Energy Bills By Up To £300 Per Year

✅   You Will Add Lots Of Value To Your Home

✅ The Scheme Has Limited Funding – Ends Soon



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