Home Improvement Grants For Home Owners 2022

 Home Improvement Grants For Home Owners 2022



 Home Improvement Grants For Home Owners 2022

There are an increasing number of people who will be classed as being in fuel poverty due to the massive increase in gas prices for 2022.

We anticipate that the figure will grow year on year by as much as 200 thousand per year.

We do not expect the government to assist people financially with direct payments being paid to people to help pay their bills.

The only way to insure against this is to make sure your home is as efficient as possible with adequate insulation and bring your heating up to date.

Please take advantage of these home improvement grants that are open to homeowners and landlords that will save you money on your heating bills.


Eco 4 Grants For Home Improvement Now Live

Eco 4 grants have  been  introduced in 2022 to replace the ill fated Green Homes Grant Scheme and thousands of homes have benefitted from this scheme.

You may be eligible if receive one of the qualifying benefits and your home heating & insulation needs upgrading.

The grants are worth thousands!  All  Grants are funded by UK energy companies and do not need to be repaid.

To learn more about the Eco 4 Scheme , please visit the GOV.UK website.


Who Is Eligible For A Home Improvement Grant?


 All heating and insulation grants  are usually 100 % fully funded if you receive a benefit or are on a low income.

Apply Today and see if you are eligible for a grant before the winter sets in.




What Home Improvement Grants & Help Is Available 2022 ?

See below for a complete list of grants for 2022

There are currently no grants or help towards the cost of replacement windows or doors either as tboth measures do not save any carbon.

 However many private companies do offer scrappage schemes  which will discount your doors and windows  by a few hundred £ .

This is usually a marketing ploy and you are best advised to shop around to get the most efficient price.

 We do find that local companies will give you the most cost efficient quotations for replacement windows or doors.


Replacing Doors & Windows – Energy Savings


Home Improvement Grants
Home Improvement Grants

Saving energy means saving money and the Energy Saving Trust has estimated the following annual savings where heating is provided by a gas fired boiler in a single glazed property:

Energy rating Detached Semi detached Mid terrace Bungalow Flat
A £120 – £160 £85 – £110 £65 – £90 £55 – £75 £40 – £60
B £110 – £145 £75 – £100 £60 – £80 £50 – £70 £40 – £55
C £110 – £135 £75 – £95 £60 – £75 £50 – £65 £40 – £50


What Other Help Is Available To Reduce Bills?

There is cash help too.

If you are on a low income you can apply for one or more of below cash grants.

Warm Home Discount

  • Winter Fuel Payment:
  • Cold Weather Payment:



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