Home Improvement Grant

Home Improvements Grants From The Government

What is A Home Improvements Grant?

Home Improvement Grants From The Government

If you are a homeowner or a private tenant and are in receipt of a Low Income  UK benefit, you may be able to claim help from the government via various grants they have available.

These grants cover up to 100% of the cost of making improvements to your current old heating & fitting new insulation.

Home Improvement Grants – Heating & Insulation

Many people have benefited from new boilers & storage heaters over the last few years as a result of these grants currently available. Also walls and lofts have been insulated which have been proven to reduce bills quite substantially.

Home Improvement Grants – For Disabled People

There are also grants available to disabled people / or people on low income who have  long term health conditions . These grants assist with making repairs, improvements or adaptations to homes too.

Wet rooms , wheel chair adaptions , extensions amongst others are the most popular over the last few years.

Who Is Eligible For  A Home Improvements Grant?

As a general rule, grants are usually earmarked for people who are older, disabled or on a low income benefit.

Only homeowners or private sector tenants can apply.

Social housing tenants have to apply to their local authority or council who usually have their own funding allocated for such improvements.

PLEASE NOTE – Whether assistance is granted is at the discretion of your local authority or council as there are no national rules

How Do I Apply For A Heating  & Insulation Grant ?

Home Improvement Grants From The Government

Please visit our home page for details of grants available .

 You can fill in a short form to apply.

How Do I Apply For A  Disabled Facilities Grant ?

Please contact your local council for details on how to apply. They usually have  information on the council website.

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