Best Guide For Replacement Of Storage Heaters [2022]

Replacement Of Storage Heaters – [Our Guide For 2022]

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This blog is a guide to replacing storage heaters.

It covers exactly what storage heaters are and what you should consider when replacing them.

There are a number of options for you to take into account:

  • Should you upgrade them for state of the art storage heaters
  • Should you replace them with central heating
  • Should you replace them with plug in electric heaters
  • Should you try to replace them with a government funded grant.

This blog should assist you with a decision





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What Are Electric Storage Heaters

Free Central Heating
Free Central Heating


Electric storage heaters are domestic heaters which store thermal energy and release it to heat your home when you need it.

They are especially designed to convert cheap night time, off-peak electricity into thermal energy, store it, and then release it continuously throughout the day.  This is why they are sometimes referred to as night storage heaters.


Modern high heat retention electric storage heaters are much more energy efficient than their predecessors.

They have better insulation to preserve the stored heat longer and a convection facility to top up the heat required for very cold days.

They have LCD displays which allow you to see heat input & output levels and intelligent control systems which learn your heating requirements.



Modern electric storage heaters:

  • Are up to 30% more energy efficient than old ones.
  • Have control systems which allow you to have exactly the right amount of heat in each room, when you need it
  • Have a built-in convector heater for additional heat when you require it.
  • Are slimmer, with a modern stylish design
  •  Will add value to your home and reduce your bills significantly.

Are New Heaters More Efficient?


New storage heaters will be up to 30% more efficient so will save you money off your heating bills.

Old storage heaters contained very heavy, heat retaining clay bricks but modern, more energy efficient versions use a ceramic material or high density magnetite to store heat.


New Economy 7 heaters offer the highest density and heat storage capacity, magnetite is extremely efficient at storing thermal energy but it also relies on excellent insulation to retain the heat.


Economy 7 Explained


The price of electricity supplied to our homes is much less when demand for it is lower, typically during the night time.

Electric storage heaters use this cheap night time electricity to store heat and then release it to warm your home during the day time when electricity is more expensive.

Energy suppliers have introduced electricity tariffs such as Economy 7 which require a special meter to track day and night use of electricity, so that it can be charged at a different rate per kilowatt hour (kWh).


What Is The Best Replacement for Night Storage Heaters?

There are a lot of storage heaters on the market and they all do the same job really, which is to heat up at night and release the heat the next day.

We recommend the following heaters purely because they have been fitted on the Government  Storage Heater Grant Scheme in the past and would have passed vigourous government testing to be approved for use.



All of the above have been the subject of great reviews so we are happy to feature them on our website.



Are electric radiators a good alternative to storage heaters?

Electric radiators are a very good  alternative to storage heaters for heating your home BUT you will find they are approx 25 % more expensive to run as they run on standard rate electricity whereas night storage heaters are recharged at night when electricity is approx 70% cheaper.

We do not recommend changing from economy 7 or economy 10 tariffs for electric heating.


Replace Storage Heaters With Gas Central Heating ?

Free Central Heating
Free Central Heating

A cheapler in the long run alternative way to heat your home is to take old storage heaters and replace them with a new central heating system.

Your heating bills will reduce by up to 30- 40% as gas is a much more efficient way to heat your home.

The cost of a new central heating system ( depending on property type should be between £3000 – £4000 but there are government grants available for Free  Central Heating Too.



Storage Heater Tips for Lower Heating Bills

Warm Front Grants
Warm Front Grants
  1. Turn the ‘output’ setting of your storage heater  off when you are out of the room or go out of the house. Good idea to turn off at night too.
  2. Only use the   ‘boost’ setting on your heaters  when  all the stored heat has run out . Always open  the output fully before using boost as it uses expensive daytime electricity.
  3. Avoid using supplementary plug-in heaters as they too will be expensive to run. It’s much  better to turn up the input on your storage heaters so that they recharge more at night and store more heat.






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