Warm Front Grants– Diary Sept 18 2021

Warm Front Grants– Diary Sept 18 2021

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Another episode from a stressed out Warm Front Grants lead generator who continues in a very challenging industry.
Lead Generator challenges

“What possible challenges does a person finding customers for free government green home grants possibly face ?” I hear you say .

“You have only got to knock a few doors and take a few details off people that are interested in applying for a grant. “

Yeah right!
You have to have nerves of steel to do this job and you have to put up with a lot of ****.
 Good job I enjoy what I do but there has been many who have left the industry to find an easier job such as brain surgery or rocket scientist!

What Is My Role

I am responsible for finding qualifying applicants for The Warmer Home Grant Scheme currently available for 2021.

I am paid on results only and lots of installers rely on me to keep their workforce in work.

What Warm Front Grants Do I Offer ?






List of Challenges working In The Grants Industry

  1. Time Wasting Clients – people who apply and then you cannot contact or do not keep appointments. Also fail to supply paperwork resulting in constant chasing.
  2.  Non Paying clients – These agree to pay contributions but then renege at the last moment resulting in lots of wasted time and money on surveys etc.
  3. Installer Exaggeration – Lots of installers guilty of this.

Installers  promise fast installs ( usually within 2 weeks ) but the reality usually is that hard earned leads are sitting on the spreadsheet looking pretty for up to 8 weeks!
This is usually down to poor infrastructure, poor management, poor systems or lack of experience. Usually all 4 ! lol
Tar and feathers should assist them to get their act together !

4. Failed jobs due to low funding – Very embarrassing for lead gens to sign people up for grants and then the job not progress due to low funding. This is now happenning for storage heaters particularly in flats. ( please see next section ) Not cricket and more wasted time.

Thanks Ofgem.

5. Non Payment – The sharks are still around albeit not so often due to the instant publicity they get with Trader Alerts.

6. Lead Progress Updates – Always resistance from installers ( particularly men ) to update the Lead Progress sheet. I put this down to either embarrassment at the lack of lead progress or laziness. lol
The moral of this story………….. Eco is not for the faint hearted! lol
I will continue to assist the general public to apply for the boiler grants which are still available. 

Warm Front Boiler Grants Ending

Rumours are that The Boiler Scrappage Scheme will be ending this year and insulation will be the main focus.

Don’t delay if you are interested in a grant

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